Yale Fishman - The relations between Obama and Putin snapped

The relations between Obama and Putin snapped

The White House is having some hard times, claims Yale Fishman attorney according to the latest information. In addition, the President Barack Obama already has canceled the meeting scheduled for the beginning of September with Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Moreover, the U.S. president risks that the relationships between these two superpowers escalate in the future. Actually, there is already a certain tension between these countries. But still, is Obama making a wise political decision? Or this time, he just surrendered to the pressure of the internal politics?

The Russian authorities’ decision to grant the asylum for the former U.S. Secret Service NSA Edward Snowden reached the peak in the relationships with the U.S. Furthermore, this situation forced the Americans to cancel the Summit. But still, Matthew Royansky form the Kenan Institute in Washington, claims that Obama’s decision was completely inappropriate.

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Yale Fishman - Simple, but million-worthy: Inventions that everyone knows

Simple, but million-worthy: Inventions that everyone knows

According to Yale M Fishman, many things from our everyday lives were created by accident. Moreover, their makers didn’t think that they will make a lot of money.

The Slinky toy is an invention that has brought fame to its creator and sold in 250 million copies. While the engineer Richard James was repairing the plane, he dropped down from his hands a spring that bounced off on the ground. He amused himself watching, but that’s how he invented one of the best-selling toys of all times.

In 1974, Post IT were produced in all colors (especially, yellow). This year, they earned two million dollars. In the last few years, these notes have earned more than billion dollars, and they are created by chance. Art Fry, an employee at the company 3M, frustrated by the amount of paper that he had to mark, he came up with the idea to use Dr. Silvers glue.

Furthermore, the patch was created by a man in needs – Earle Dickson, an employee at Johnson & Johnson Company. He was trying to help his wife, who cut her finger while preparing the lunch. It was in the 20s, so the patch became popular during the World War II. Today, the patch is sold in billions of pieces, and earned billions of dollars. Click here to find out more.

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Yale M Fishman - Reduced the number of unemployed people in Spain

Reduced the number of unemployed people in Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Labor announced today that the number of registered unemployed fell down to 100,000 in May, says Yale M Fishman. The employers are preparing for the future summer season, so they increasingly began to employ. In order to maintain their reputation in front of the tourists, they will hire more people to help them with the work during the summer. Therefore, the number of unemployed people will reduce significantly.

In addition, the Ministry also announced that in May the total number of unemployed people was nearly 4.89 million. The unemployment rate is calculated on a quarterly basis. The first quarter was a record 27.2 percent. Spain is in a deep recession for four years.  They are struggling to overcome the collapse of the real estate sector and to bring back the balance in the economy, added Yale Martin Fishman.

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Yale M Fishman - 10 percent of Facebook profiles are not people

10% of Facebook profiles are not people

Over 10% of Facebook users are not people. This number covers 100 million profiles on the social network. According to research made by eMarketer, these are actually profiles of companies, products, brands and even pets, says Yale M Fishman.

One such case is with the dog of Facebook founder – Mark Zuckerberg. That profile has over 1.5 million friends.

The number of profiles of people on Facebook is around 890 million, and by 2014 is expected to have 1.11 billion people who will have their profile on a social network, say the experts of Zuckerberg’s company.

Currently the largest growth in the number of registered users is in India, the Middle East and Africa. In each of these regions by the end of the year is expected to have an increase of users by 30%.

In the U.S. and Western Europe this process is in quite modest pace. People that are dealing with investments in Facebook, are worried that teenagers will lose their interest in this network and will move to sites like Twitter.

In Western Europe, only 37% of the people actively use this social network. However from eMarketer predict that in 2017 Facebook users will reach 54.7% of all people that are internet users. Today that number is 42.6%, says Yale Fishman.

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Yale M Fishman - Yale M. Fishman, JD

Yale M. Fishman, JD

The law field has undergone an interesting transformation in the last number of years, it has become increasingly competitive since 2008. With newly minted lawyers coming in droves to a recovering economy that is only just beginning to show signs of its previous luster, the market has become a bit crowded. Yet there is one shining light amidst the swarms of names out there; Yale M Fishman stands out as a man of honesty and integrity. Out on the Island Yale is known as a family man, a mentor, and a teacher, or as one so aptly put it “Yale is the real deal”. Mr. Fishman has been a lawyer for over two decades and he has proven time and again his proficiency in the intricacy of Tax and Insurance law. A lecturer who has traveled the globe and a respected Torah Teacher Yale has clearly set the bar for the rookies in this prestigious field. Check out what Yale M. Fishman, JD has been up to lately at yalemfishman.com.


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